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SHG Mapping can help you measure terrain to design or monitor construction site progress, create drainage systems, conduct power line maintenance and inspections, inspect solar farms and telecommunication towers, agricultural mapping, monitor pipelines and manage assets as well as many more projects in a variety of industries.


We offer a range of UAV acquisition options either to supplement vessel-based surveys or as a standalone campaign.

SEP operates a range of aircraft which can be tailored to the specific requirement and survey location.

We provide UAV Surveys from both fixed-wing or multi-rotor platforms. The systems we use can be equipped with both LiDAR and photogrammetry payloads that would ordinarily be out of reach of land or vessel-based systems, whether that be using our vessel as an operating platform or operating independently.

Our primary system for photogrammetry acquisition provides stable connectivity and reliability, five directions of obstacle sensing to ensure additional safety, and a dedicated remote controller with an integrated screen offering superior

We provide aerial multi-sensor surveying and photogrammetry services. We render high-precision and low-cost services using proprietary survey technology. We offer a complete solution set from surveying to data analysis and 3D modeling.

  • When it comes to capturing large amounts of detailed mapping data, leveraging drones makes the process exponentially faster and more accurate while giving clients a near-real-time control over data.
  • Acquisition of images with high ground resolution.
  • Most efficient and economical solution. At SHG we assist our clients and handhold them through every step of the project. Starting right from the primary step of field reconnaissance survey to UAV data acquisition and pre- and post-processing of the acquired data, we have a dedicated team to perform all these actions with a professional edge.