Fast, high accuracy 3D data collection for field surveys, as-builts, and metrologies.

LiDAR (Light Detection at Range) is one of the most efficient and reliable methods of subsea metrology. Subsea Hundred Global LiDAR Laser Systems is designed for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry, providing solutions subsea construction, survey, and inspection industry in terms of range, accuracy, the field of view, depth, and integration. The result is a system that integrates a unique optical design, a custom high sensitivity receiver, and a sub-nanosecond pulsed high peak power solid-state laser, high-speed electronics, and patented processing methods to provide the accuracy and ranges required for subsea measurement tasks.

Benefits of a LiDAR-Based Solution

  •  Unparalleled accuracy in subsea imaging
  • Faster turnaround of project data
  • Increased safety to assets due to zero exposure to damage
  • Decreased disruption of project environment “Touchless”
  • Create Baseline Point Cloud Maps for annual movement/settlement comparison

Subsea LiDAR Applications

  • As-Built Wide area mapping with 3D point clouds.
  • Metrology and Structural Integrity Measurements Subsea
  • Subsea infrastructure and Subsidence Measurement.
  • 3D Data Processing and Modeling.
  • Pipeline Curvature.
  • Damage Measurement and Leaks.
  • Metrology and Structural Integrity Measurements.
  • Scour/Seabed stabilization.
  • Vibration mode effect displacement

LiDAR Operations