Subsea Hundred Global offers experience Engineering Surveyors and ROV techs/Pilots from Pipe-Laying to Dive Support operations utilizing the services of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Dynamic Positioning System to ensure that Projects are successfully completed.

Laying pipes and cables can be made significantly easier by using our integrated service packages; keeping all aspects of the survey process in one place eliminates the need for subcontracting and reduces cost. During the investigation of sites for new offshore platforms or wind farms, for example, routes to shore or to offshore pipeline end manifolds can be planned. This saves significant time and expense, as well as keeping all data in one place for easy access.

Our integrated survey support service uses state-of-the-art construction support vessels with integrated ROVs, ideally suited for pipelay operations to carry out the following tasks;

  • Lay barge positioning and remote monitoring of anchor drop locations.
  • Pipeline touchdown monitoring.
  • Pipeline trench profiling for buried lines.
  • The positioning of mattresses for pipeline crossings.
  • Sonar monitoring of pipeline crossings during lay operations