Inspection Value Analysis

We specialize in the provision of subsea inspection services to ensure effective and efficient delivery through all phases of the inspection cycle from FEED through to Decommissioning.

Visual Inspection & Fast Digital Imaging

Using Mini ROVs, Observational ROVs, Work Class ROVs and Autonomous Systems & Divers, we provide advanced modern cameras, lighting and lasers for fast optimized data collection. This is augmented by 3-D sonar/laser point cloud collection and smart data mining using AI and machine vision techniques.

Specifically for Pipeline Inspection, SHG has strengthened its capability with the innovative deployment of an advanced imaging package to improve the speed of visual pipeline survey and inspection.

Subsea NDT

We offer a complete solution for underwater inspection comprising of preparation, offshore execution and final reporting tailored to best-fit client specifications and timescales. We understand the challenges and then apply the best techniques (alternating current field measurement, eddy current testing, or ultra-sonics) depending on our clients’ needs. Our services in this area are continually evolving through the introduction of new technologies for improved project efficiency and effectiveness.

Cathodic Protection

We provide a comprehensive range of cathodic protection services to protect and maintain the integrity of client assets. These include; project planning and coordination, offshore data acquisition, processing and reporting.



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