We provide marine geotechnical services to determine and manage the ground risk associated with marine project development. Using technical expertise, advanced exploration tools, field and laboratory testing, computer simulations and quantitative methods, we identify, evaluate and resolve your geotechnical design challenges.

To manage project risks, especially for those which are performed in difficult or challenging areas, SHG has a wealth of specialist resources. A combination of professional capabilities and specialized equipment means that we can readily support projects in areas of seismic activity, or where site access is difficult. We frequently work in climatic extremes, areas of environmental sensitivity or urban or industrial complexity, and in challenging conditions (remote, soft, marshy, over-water, hazardous).

Whether your work scope includes geological assessments, site exploration, marine surveys, or managing geophysical applications, we provide sound solutions. We are established as a leading provider of offshore geotechnical services. Our uncompromising focus on quality, health, and safety combined with our flexible approach allows us to consistently deliver tailor-made engineering solutions.

CPT Tests at Field


As the largest global supplier of marine geotechnical site investigation services, SHG conducts tailored investigations in all offshore regions of the world. From shallow continental environments to the newer remote ultra-deepwater plays, we deploy our dedicated drillships and robotic drilling equipment to provide you with seabed soil investigations in water depths down to 3,000 metres.


SHG offers a wide range of services associated with the design of offshore structures.  In addition to many years of project experience, our highly qualified team has a strong background in research in a wide range of offshore foundations including piles, shallow foundations, pipelines and anchoring systems. Our extensive suite of advanced software tools allow for more refined analyses that ultimately result in cost savings for our clients by reducing conservatism otherwise required in design.

SHG delivers a thorough analysis of your site using the most up-to-date technology. Taking samples through borehole drilling and sampling, geophysical logging, and pressure metre testing, our geotechnical testing accurately quantifies ground conditions at your project site. Soil samples are analyzed at our in-house soil and rock testing laboratories to determine design parameters.

Our field data acquisition and sampling services are underpinned by our geotechnical expertise in executing complex and technically demanding projects. Other key services include:

  • Desktop studies
  • Advanced laboratory soils and rock testing
  • Numerical and physical modelling of foundations
  • Consultancy
  • Engineering analysis

Combining these services with our geology, geophysics and other related geoscience expertise enables us to provide you with a comprehensive package of solutions: conceptual design, feasibility, development, installation, operation, and field abandonment.

Our offshore geotechnical services can be accessed via a network of local offices throughout the world, offering you global capabilities with local delivery.

Providing detailed site investigations tailored to your specific requirements, we undertake a range of geotechnical techniques: deep boreholes with high quality down-hole sampling and in-situ testing; advanced laboratory testing; shallow penetration seabed coring; cone penetration testing (CPT); and other specialist in-situ tests.

From shallow coastal waters to ultra-deepwater ocean depths our safe, cost-effective and technologically advanced geotechnical services include:

  • Siting and stability of jack-up drilling rigs
  • Foundation design for production platforms
  • Mooring of floating facilities
  • Optimisation of well design
  • Assessment of geohazards
  • Routing and installation of pipelines, flowlines and cables

Our site investigation services are crucial for ensuring the long-term performance of your offshore assets. With an array of specialised tools and equipment we successfully apply innovative technology and expertise to assist in the management of associated risk and uncertainty. Our key attributes include:

  • Integration of geological and geophysical disciplines to incorporate all aspects of a site investigation
  • Proper understanding of soil parameters for design and construction of structures on the seabed
  • Evaluation of soil stability
  • Purpose-built fleet including new state-of-the-art vessels
  • Worldwide reach

Whether your project is in shallow coastal waters, the Arctic or ultra-deep water, our knowledge and experience will ensure that you realise the maximum benefit.