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We are a leading provider of air, mixed gas, and saturation diving services for the oil and gas industry. Our air and saturated diving services are reinforced with dedicated dive support vessels, ROVs, and surveying for subsea intervention. For your marine civil engineering and offshore energy projects, our global diving services include a wide range of subsea interventions. Our highly trained and certified divers perform air and saturation (deep) supported by a fleet of dedicated dive support vessels, ROVs, and survey services, we support your subsea projects with a “one-stop-shop” solution.

Our high quality, specialist solutions include:

  • The platform, pipeline, and vessel inspection
  • Subsea intervention, installation, and construction support
  • Underwater inspections in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) of offshore units, including non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Subsea inspection, repair, and maintenance programs
  • NDT and corrosion control campaigns
  • Salvage and emergency response interventions
  • Hyperbaric welding and related subsea habitat projects


Built upon extensive experience in a range of subsea interventions, our innovative solutions include diving services for:

  • Hyperbaric Welding and Cofferdam Projects – Repairs to live pipelines and structural repairs to jackets using services such as pre-engineering, welding procedures, welder coding, and the supply of all equipment.
  • Cathodic Protection and Asset Life Extension Projects – Materials and engineering for the life extension of offshore assets and retrofitted bespoke equipment by diver or ROV.
  • Underwater Repair, Maintenance, and Cleaning – Repairing and changing components or cleaning needed for the optimum performance of drill rigs, production facilities, platforms, or underwater infrastructure. Our divers use a comprehensive set of tools for subsea cutting and welding, riser and marine growth cleaning, and flange tensioning and torque.
  • Subsea Intervention, Installation and Construction Support – Support for the installation or connection of production units (such as FPSOs or platforms) to pipelines and subsea infrastructure. For subsea metrology, tie-ins of rigid or other types of connections, and free-span corrections we use saturation divers on either chartered dive support vessels chartered or on your own vessel.
  • Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Dry Docking (UWILD) – We can verify the integrity and design condition of your offshore unit, perform visual inspections and non-destructive testing, including cathodic protection and thickness measurements, to help you avoid dry docking. Deploying small ROVs enhances visual diver support and safety conditions.


Our global presence gives us a full understanding of local diving regulations, requirements, and conditions. Together with our ROV, survey, and engineering capabilities, we are able to deliver a multidisciplinary approach to support your challenges.

  • A “one-stop-shop,” single contractor approach, combining ROV and survey services for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Solutions tailored by our engineering teams
  • We belong to principal industry diving organizations (such as OGP, IMCA, and SUT)
  • Qualified by ABS and other classification societies to perform UWILD inspections
  • Extensive experience in both air and saturation (deep) diving, with an excellent track record
  • Flexible operations with diving services from chartered vessels, under partnership arrangements with vessel owners or from clients’ vessels