The process involves acquiring accurate dimensional data that is spatially referenced to a known benchmark. Subsea100 Global Limited utilizes proven engineering survey techniques and modern survey equipment to carry out projects both offshore and ashore. For construction support projects, we engage specialist pre-project planning using 3D simulations, structural modeling, and real-time 3D visualization monitoring during the critical operational phases. We also provide additional support during;

Dimensional control applications:

  • New-build Modular (9.5K tons/ea) Piping/Structural Integration Assurance
  • FPSOs, TLPs, SPARs, Semi-subs, Jackets, MinDocs, Compliant Towers, Onshore
  • Pre-fabrication of Hook-up Spools
  • Like-Kind replacement of Equipment and Piping w/complete 2D/3D detail drawings
  • Ship repair/ build involving hull alignment surveys
  • Fabrication verification surveys for steelwork and pipe
  • Drilling Package Surveys for Dolly Rail alignment, Fair Leads, Wench Locations, Derrick Supports
  • Clash/Interference surveys for the replacement or installation of mechanical components
  • Deformation Analysis, Weld Peaking reports

Key project benefits from implementing Dimensional Control Survey management include:

  • Load-outs and tow-outs of structures where tight tolerances are involved
  • Float-over positioning for decks on jackets
  • Subsidence surveys to detect differential movement across structures
  • Precision water level surveys
  • Reduced design, re-work, and shutdown times
  • Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
  • Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items
  • Elimination of multi-handling of components
  • Availability of archived data
  • Elimination of re-design during installation
  • Minimize fit-up issues that result in schedule/budget overruns